9 weeks to go

The kids are back to the school for the last half term, so even I can go back to normal and organize my meals according to the diet, which means no sugar, no bread but lots of seasonal and fresh vegetable, some meat, egg and dairy products but no milk.

The last week turned out to be a disaster, I tried hard to follow the diet even with the kids around but couldn’t manage it and gained back 1 kilo. Which means I started this week
with 64 kilos again.



I: CHECKING first what I ALREADY HAD in the fridge and at hand:

1 serving of bolognese sauce in the freezer
1 courgette in stripes in the freezer
1 salmon filet
1 chicken breast filet
1 chicken thigh in paprika sauce in the freezer
frozen vegetable ends and peals for a broth
half fennel bulb
beetroot-Philadelphia spread
0.5 l asparagus broth in the freezer
pine nuts
grated almond
some spongy fruits: orange, 1 pear, 1 apple, 1 kiwi
2 shallots
some cheese
salad mix


Blueberries (125g)
Star Ruby Grapefruit
Lemons (4 pieces)

Baby Plum Tomatoes (250g)
Tomatoes, Vine (500g)
Cherry Tomatoes (250g)
Peppery Salad Mix (100g)
Bunched Carrots
Asparagus 2 bunches
Pea Shoots
Baby Spinach

Organic Chicken Thighs (650g avg, pack of 4)

Milk, Organic, Full Cream (2 litre)
Greek Style Natural Yogurt, Organic, Yeo Valley (450g)
Double Gloucester, Lye Cross Farm (245g)
Double Cream, Organic, Berkeley Farm (250ml)
Cottage Cheese, Organic, Holy Cow (200g)
Butter, Salted, Yeo Valley (250g)

Wildflower Honey
Peppermint Tea, Clipper (20 bags)
Lemon & Ginger Tea, Clipper (20 bags)
Almond Drink, Organic, Rude Health (1 litre)

Toilet Tissue, Nouvelle (pack of 9)
Laundry Bleach, Ecover (400g)

Cost: Ł65

III: making the PLAN, see below


2 kg bread
2 l milk
Baking soda
10 organic egg
1,5 kg strawberries
Salami, sausage and ham
New potato
Philadelphia cream cheese

Cost: Ł42.96

You can find photos, recipes, links and details about the foods by clicking on the name of the days.

B: Smoothie (mandarin, orange, pear, kiwi) – (5 minutes, 183 kcal)
Lunch: Bolognese sauce with courgette stripes and grated cheese – (from the freezer, 5 minutes, 434 kcal)
Dinner: 2 scrambled eggs – (5 minutes, 304 kcal)
Workout: 1,5 hour cardio at a gym

B: Porridge with strawberry and honey – (5 minutes, 143 kcal)
L: Avocado and Egg with green salad – (10 minutes, 349 kcal)
D: Salami, cheese, greek yogurt – (no extra time needed, 445 kcal)
Workout: 3 hours work in the garden


B: Coffee with almond milk , 1 apple – 164 kcal
L: Chicken breast and pea soup, no grain peanuts butter pancakes – (35 minutes, 547 kcal)
D: Asparagus and egg baked in bacon, keto bread – (15 minutes, 319 kcal)


B: Porridge with fruit and honey – (5 minutes at the night before, 143 kcal)
L: 1 walnut muffin, peppermint tea – (I bought it, no time needed, 189 kcal)
D: Cheesy cauliflower risotto with baked carrots – (20 minutes, 194 kcal)
Workout: 2 hours of walking

B: strawberry almond milkshake – 50 kcal
L: Leftover chicken and pea soup; tuna, fennel, beetroot and green salad – (5 minutes, 546 kcal)
D: Sausage with keto bread and mayo – 253 kcal


Saucy chickenSaturday: 

B: coffee with almond milk – 48 kcal
L: Chicken with asparagus and new potato, vanilla pudding with strawberry sauce  – (1 hour, 404 kcal)

D: keto bread with garlicky butter and roasted pine nuts – (5 minutes, 101 kcal)

B: leftover fruit smoothie  – 173 Kcal
L: Leftover soup, chicken stuffed pancake and paprika sauce (1 hour, 509 kcal)
D: Pizza – 452 kcal




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